5 Tips that Google‘s latest algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ will appreciate.

Google HummingbirdGoogle’s latest update, Hummingbird is believed to affect 90% of all Google searches. This update matters, previous updates penalized you for low quality content, this time Google promotes sites with quality content.

Here are 5 tips that will help you produce content that Google’s algorithms will appreciate.

1 – What phrases would you use to find out about your good or service?

Figure out what queries are and put them into three categories:

  • Informational. E.g. How often should I change my car tires
  • Navigational. E.g. Vancouver Italian Restaurant
  • Transactional. E.g. Hiring a plumber

Produce content that covers all of these categories.

2 – Synonyms open up new traffic opportunities

  • Look into what search terms are currently bring traffic to your website. There are many spelling variants that people use just as often, produce content with variations of keyword spellings.
  • Type the first few words of your popular search terms into Google and take note what Google auto populates for key phrases and produce content for the variations

 3 – Be seen alongside your competitors.

Find out where your competitors have been published. If they feature in and lists, reach out to the publisher and ask if you can be mentioned to. This will assist Google in identifying exactly who you are and what you do.

4 – Change you anchor text from ‘click here’.

The words that you click on to get to another page, referred to as ‘anchor text’, are now having more meaning in search result. Previously everyone used ‘click here as an actionable’ link. Now you should use words that have specific meanings related to your product. Surrounding the keywords with strength also provides extra strength.

5 – Website pages are not the only thing that appears in Google Searches.

Depending on the search term, you may find that results include videos, images and Google places links. Search for your key term, if videos appear it could be advisable for you to create a video. Create one anyway, if you can get your video ranked that will be of great assistance to your page views.

Hummingbird is a major update. However given that there are no penalties for previous content, the focus should be improving future content. If you publish content with the above 5 tips in mind, your rankings are bound to improve.

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