What Are The Benefits of Google’s Product Listing Ads?

Google Product Ads Listings

Google Product Ads Listings

Google truly is a product creating behemoth. Launching new products to help your business every other day and unless you read every blog in cyberspace you will miss some product releases. One that is a good option for your business was launched in October 2012, named Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

PLAs like Adwords appear in search results but a PLA will show a picture of the product as well as the price. PLAs grew by 99% between November 2012 and November 2013 and with e-commerce giant EBay hopping on board looks like they will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Now we will let you know why you should consider using product listings ads!

A marketing technology company named, Kenshoo states that there clients generate on average $9 of sales for each $1 spent on the ads.  Enough said?

Positioning in Google results is vita. PLAs take advantage of this by featuring high on page one of Google – specifically around the 4th spot. SEO marketers can spend months attempting to get their products on page one of Google, PLAs only feature on page one giving you instant success.

PLAs simply provide more information for customers further down the sales funnel. On the verge of purchasing a good, seeing both the product and the price is all the information they require and it is easy to click through knowing what you get. Those at the beginning of the sales funnel are more likely to click on the organic results to find out more about the product and will return in the future to purchase the product. The key is though when they return they will enter Google and likely head straight to a PLA.

Given the size of a PLA on screen, this has the additional effect of pushing ads from competitors further down the page. With advertising space being so valuable this is a great benefit.

Product Listing Ads benefit from diversity in appearance. Because they do not use keywords to await appearance in search results, your PLA can appear in a wide array of searches related to your product.

Advertising on the internet is constantly evolving, Product Listing Ads are a new way to get more clicks from customers who are near the end of the sales funding.

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