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Advertising in a Bad Economy can Boost Your Business

Why Advertising in a Bad Economy can Boost Your Business

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time” – Henry Ford

It’s natural to want to cut spending during a recession, but doing so does not always have the best results for your business. Advertising when times are hard can actually be a good way to improve your profits and expand your margins.

It’s Cheaper

You can often get a better deal on your marketing campaigns during a recession than during a boom. Many people will be cutting their advertising budgets, but this is actually the time to spend more to attract customers. Some media might offer lower prices and special bargains to help seal the deal.

You can Target the Advertising

People spend their money differently during recessions than they do during booms, but they still spend it, and your marketing can help to make sure that they spend it at your business. Your marketing efforts might even be more successful than usual if you take the time to tailor them to the local economic situation. Emphasize the bargains that you can offer, and that you can help people save money on things that they already want. Put the focus on the value that your products offer. Make sure that your customers know that you understand their situation.

You Still Need It

Businesses need marketing to attract new customers and turn a profit. That does not change when the economy gets worse. It’s a fundamental truth of the market that no business can make sales to people who don’t know that the business exists. Advertisements are the best way to bring in potential customers, and that is always the first step towards making a sale. Getting rid of your advertising campaigns means getting rid of all of those potential sales, and over time that will cost far more than the advertisements ever did.

You can Stand Out

Some people will decide to cut back on advertising to save money despite all of the benefits that it offers. That makes advertising even more useful for the people who make use of it, because their advertisements will not have to compete with those of rival businesses. It’s hard to stand out and be memorable when dozens of businesses are competing for people’s attention, but it becomes much easier when only one or two are making themselves known. There will never be a time with less marketing competition than during a recession, and businesses that take advantage of that can reap significant rewards.

Advertisements are cheaper and more effective during a recession than during other times. Taking advantage of that value can be a great way for businesses to grow their business even when profits are shrinking for their competitors, and no business owner should cut their marketing budget without careful thought.

What Canadians Are Looking For Online

Google's Micro moments

Marketers and researchers are interested in what Canadians are looking for when they go online. They want to know what tools they use and why they choose to do things the way that they do when they are on the Internet. Fortunately, there are now many statistics that help paint the picture of what the average Canadian Internet user is up to.

The Information Searcher

It used to be the case that those who had questions about the world around them had to do at least a little digging to find the answers. They had to be willing to search around at their local library or another location that possessed the information that they were looking for. Of course, this is no longer the case. Now, those looking for information may simply reach into their pocket and locate their smartphone for the information they desire. According to Google, that is exactly what 7 out of 10 Canadians now do.

Geo-locating Experiences

Considering the fact that smartphones have GPS capabilities, it should come as no surprise that people use them to locate nearby attractions and other information relevant to their lives. This information can help them locate the things in life that they want to do or experience. As such, it is an invaluable tool that most cannot imagine living without anymore. Many people have had experiences that they would never have had in the past because they can now locate exactly what they want to do when they want to do it.

The Commerce Opportunity

Obviously, commercial interests play a big role in what a lot of people do when they are on their smartphones. As such, about 70% of Canadians use their smartphones while they are in a store to help them get more information. Sometimes they are simply looking for more details about a product they are considering purchasing. In other cases though, they just want to see if they can find a better price online. Whatever the case may be, smartphone technology has improved the shopping experience for customers all over Canada.

These are three important things that Canadians are doing when they search online. It is a dramatic change in the way that the world works. While some may be freighted by the pace of change, many now embrace it and realize how much value it has added to their everyday existence.

Source: Think with Google, download the entire study here.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Will Increase Sales

Remarketing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLA) takes old marketing tricks from physical stores online by marketing to those who showed interest in making a purchase but did not for various reasons. Businesses can now create niche lists of visitors to their site who have indicated they are interest in buying. By remarketing to these customers again you may make a sale that would not have occurred if they never saw your brand again.

How RLSA Works

When visitors land on your website, a ‘cookie’ is assigned to them. Thanks to the technology that Google provides, their movements can be traced the whole time they are on your website. You can use this information to target the keywords that they used to reach your website in conjunction with the products they were interested in purchasing before they left your site. You then campaign to make yourself visible to these visitors in their Google search results.

Why Use RSLA

Human behaviour indicates people like to delay purchases. Research indicates that less than 5% of the visitors to your site make a purchase. That is a small number, but one that means you can remarket to 95+% of your visitors. If you convert a small portion of these visitors who initially showed interest but left for any number of reasons the investment is well worth it. Especially if you see someone put products into their online cart before leaving the store, the brand recognition for your product will be strong.
RLSA has only been on Google Search since June 2013. They are working on making it a great product by continuously tweaking it to further enhance the user experience and capabilities. The chance to convert customers that have shown interest can increase your bottom line substantially. If you left a good impression on someone, they are more inclined to make a purchase if they are called to action. To get started, contact us now.

How Google Helpouts Can help you Grow your Business?

Google HelpoutsIn todays world most businesses rely on the internet in some capacity for marketing purposes. When customers head to the internet to solve a problem Google is usually the first stop. Google recognized this and created a new product, Google Helpouts. Getting your business involved in Google Helpouts can help you grow. Released in November 2013, Google Helpouts are a service where people can reach out to experts in a variety of fields. You can offer your services as an expert in your industry to grow your business in a number of ways.

Build Your Online Reputation

Google Helpouts are still new with many consumers not yet aware of the service. This is great for you, with a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new platform. Being one of the first people into Helpouts in your industry will allow you to be found in search results regularly giving you a head start to get reviews, validating your expertise. While the majority of the user base is in the US, with time you will be interacting with people all over the world which brings in benefits you cannot put a value on.

Public Promotion

With Helpouts you can offer your services for free or an hourly rate (sessions as short as five minutes are possible). The possibility to earn is tremendous here, especially as you gain more reviews and get towards the top of search results. By offering you services for free you are generating awareness of your brand and getting public promotion both of which generate highly targeted leads.

Market Research

Your industry is likely to continue evolving. When people are coming to you they are seeking a solution. You will get a general idea on what problems are really troubling your target market and you will notice the shifts allowing you to reposition when necessary. You may even choose to expand your services as a result of knowing more problems you can help solve.

Hire People

Need to bring some people on in your business? What better way than to test ‘experts’ out with a variety of questions that double as an interview. The experts will quickly fail the test or pass just as quick in which case you can offer them a position knowing you have a highly qualified worker.

Choose Your Own Schedule

You get to choose when you are valuable. There are often downtimes in a small business so by saying you are available now you automatically tend to be seen high in searches. By making yourself available in quiet/dead time you are instantly decreasing inefficiencies in your business. This is a huge deal with small businesses.

To get started you will need a Google+ account and a Google Helpout invitation code as it is not open to everyone yet. This is a small barrier to entry that will prove difficult for some but gives you more incentive to get started today. Google is investing a lot into the technology used in the Helpouts, getting in now is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

5 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing StrategyMaking yourself visible online is a must in today’s world. It is not as easy as slapping up a website before getting back into your everyday routine. Before you get started with your website, you need a plan. It is more than a plan you need a digital marketing strategy. The online world moves fast and not have a strategy will see you throwing money away. Below are five steps to help you get started with your digital marketing strategy.

1.       What is the Goal of Creating the Website

Spend at least one hour figuring out what you want visitors to your website to do when they get to your website. Having a primary goal in place (and smaller goals) assists your developer with the organization of the website. You may want them to sign up with their email, you may want to buy something or do you want a review.

2.      Create an Avatar

An avatar is a mythical character. You can have fun with this one. Give them a name, how old are they, what job do they have. Are they single or a family? Hobbies? The more specific you get with this the better you will be able to create your website for your target market

3.      Define Your Unique Selling Position (USP)

Marketing of old would have said ‘how are you going to differentiate’. Go and check out the websites of your competition. Do you have something they do not? This might be the perfect USP for you. You may want to consider offering part of this uniqueness for free as an incentive for your visitors.

4.      Define Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

After you have your visitor’s attention through your USP you now need to direct them on what to do next. You could get them on your email list, maybe you offer them a free trial or should they make a purchase. Creating a large, shiny button will ensure that they do not give up on the goal because it’s too hard.

5.      Track and Measure Your Goals

Google Analytics is seen as the leading resource to help you follow your visitor’s behavior. By looking through your data, you may find that you need to tweak a few pages on your site. You can also perform A/B tests, you would be surprised what a slight change in words can do for your results.

You may have noticed all of your competitors have a website. If this is the motivation for you to get started there is no point in slapping up any old website – it will not be effective. Following the steps above is a great way to get started with you online digital strategy. With a great strategy you are on the path to building a great website above and beyond the competition.