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Why use an agency to manage your Google AdWords campaign?

Google Partners AgencyUsing Google AdWords allows you to reach new customers online for a more successful website. An effective AdWords campaign can make your online business exponentially more successful and profitable.

How can an agency help you manage your Google AdWords campaign?

As simple as it may seem, running a successful campaign with Google AdWords takes a significant amount of time and effort. Hiring an agency to manage your Google Adwords campaign can optimize your results and save you valuable time and money. The right web marketing agency can help you get the most out of your advertising with Google.

Effectiveness and Profitability

A certified Google Partner agency will have invaluable AdWords knowledge. AdWords is a fairly complex advertising system; it takes an expert to really make the most of it. An agency who specializes in the system will be able to help you optimize your results. By outsourcing your AdWords campaign, you put your advertising in the hands of a professional who is specifically trained to maximize your profit and reduce your cost per acquisition, or CPA.

Save Time

Effectively managing an AdWords campaign requires a significant amount of time and effort. The initial setup requires researching keywords, writing adverts, and finalizing your campaign settings. But your campaign doesn’t stop there. Even after your setup is completed, you will need consistent monitoring and management to keep your campaign effective over time.

An agency like The Three Marketers will take care of this for you. From tracking the effectiveness of keywords to which times and days are most profitable for conversions, monitoring a campaign is an almost non-stop endeavor. An agency takes all of this off of your plate so you can focus on your business.

Prevent Wasted Income

A huge number of companies unknowingly waste significant amounts of advertising money. Not knowing the ins and outs of AdWords leaves you vulnerable to an ineffective and expensive campaign. An agency who is knowledgeable about AdWords can ensure that you are getting the most out of every single keyword you use. Since you are paying for every word in an AdWords campaign, it is essential that each word counts.

Stay on Top of AdWords Updates and Features

Google is always looking for ways to improve their AdWords system. When a major change rolls out, the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to work with a Google-certified agency like The Three Marketers. If you aren’t fully aware of the changes made to AdWords and how to best take advantage of them, your advertising can’t reach its full potential.

At the end of the day, advertising is there to help make your company money. Working with the right AdWords agency can exponentially increase your profits, save you valuable time and money, and keep you on the cutting edge of advertising.

Google is no longer showing AdWords ads on the right hand side

Google is no longer showing AdWords ads on the right hand side

Google confirms that they are no longer showing AdWords ads on the right hand side of its search results. Instead, Google now displays 4 ads at the top of the search results and 3 ads at the bottom.

Where is Google headed?

Google has made an important step toward mobile-first design. Mobile devices do not display the right-hand column; Google seems to be implementing the same structure across devices.

Side ads have very low user interaction rates and drive mostly impressions, rather than clicks. By adding another high-performing top ad on relevant queries and removing the low-performing side ads, Google is increasing the overall effectiveness of the ad placements on the search results page.

What should Adwords advertisers expect?

At this point, we believe this will affect advertising on Adwords. By restraining the amount of ads from 11 to 7, this change will trigger more competition for the four top slots and result in higher Cost-Per-Clicks. Advertisers may have to increase their Google Adwords budget to maintain their online visibility.

This change will also impact organic search results as listings will continue to get pushed down the page. However, as the cost of advertising on Google increases, Search Engine Optimization will become increasingly valuable.

Are you prepared?

Online Marketing is an ever-changing industry and business owners will need the help of a professional agency to keep up with the changes. If you are a business owner and have questions about how this change could affect your website, contact us.

Three Reasons You Must Utilise The Synergy Between Organic and Paid Search

SEO-SEM-synergyGetting your website seen in Google results is never easy. The algorithms are a top secret Google never releases therefore ensuring your SEO practices are always first class is a priority. Google however does need to earn money and it does so by letting companies purchase ads that are placed at the top of Google search results. While free traffic is always pleasant it is time to look into why combining great SEO tactics with Google Ads (using the price per click model) is the best strategy for your company going forward.

Ads Are Becoming More Prominent

In the early-mid 2000’s seeing Google Ads present on the first page of various Google results pages was barely visible. This is changing rapidly with latest research indicating sponsored ads take up 85.2% of the space available when someone arrives on a page for a particular keyword. In this day in age people rush, therefore do not scroll down to look at all relevant results as in the past.

Organic + Ads Enhances Trust

Google Ads convert better than organic traffic however studies have shown the combination of an organic search result near the top of search along with a paid advertisement increases the conversion rates. Human behaviour indicates people trust brands more that are heavily featured front and centre.

Short Tail Keywords vs. Long Tail Keywords

There are million of search results entered into Google everyday, many combinations of keywords that no one has ever used before. While it is great to get seen on specific keywords with lots of traffic (Google Ads) a lot of search traffic can arrive by using less searched long tail keywords. SEO practices can fine-tune your site to rank on these less searched results bringing in traffic you could miss out on. These small wins can add up to a lot of highly targeted traffic to your website.

Getting traffic via Google is getting tougher for those who do not keep up with the revolving search trends. Companies have always paid for their brand in various forms in the past therefore it is not unreasonable Google now rewards those who are willing to pay for ads on their platform. If you are not convinced yet, Google have said ‘Brands with a #1 organic search ranking can get 50% more clicks on average by paying for an accompanying ad’.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Will Increase Sales

Remarketing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLA) takes old marketing tricks from physical stores online by marketing to those who showed interest in making a purchase but did not for various reasons. Businesses can now create niche lists of visitors to their site who have indicated they are interest in buying. By remarketing to these customers again you may make a sale that would not have occurred if they never saw your brand again.

How RLSA Works

When visitors land on your website, a ‘cookie’ is assigned to them. Thanks to the technology that Google provides, their movements can be traced the whole time they are on your website. You can use this information to target the keywords that they used to reach your website in conjunction with the products they were interested in purchasing before they left your site. You then campaign to make yourself visible to these visitors in their Google search results.

Why Use RSLA

Human behaviour indicates people like to delay purchases. Research indicates that less than 5% of the visitors to your site make a purchase. That is a small number, but one that means you can remarket to 95+% of your visitors. If you convert a small portion of these visitors who initially showed interest but left for any number of reasons the investment is well worth it. Especially if you see someone put products into their online cart before leaving the store, the brand recognition for your product will be strong.
RLSA has only been on Google Search since June 2013. They are working on making it a great product by continuously tweaking it to further enhance the user experience and capabilities. The chance to convert customers that have shown interest can increase your bottom line substantially. If you left a good impression on someone, they are more inclined to make a purchase if they are called to action. To get started, contact us now.

Do You Want $10,000 in Free Advertising for Your Non-Profit?

Google GrantsAre you a non-profit organization? Having enough funds to raise awareness of your organization is never easy. You want all funds put towards helping achieve your mission statement. You know you need to be involved in marketing, but cannot take money away from directly helping your cause leaving you to rely on word of mouth and any press coverage you can find.

To solve this dilemma, Google offers grants under the title Google Ad Grants. Providing up to $10,000 in advertising the opportunity is huge. It is not as simple as asking for the money. You need to meet eligibility criteria and submit a great application. If you are successful, there are a number of benefits if you execute the ads well.

Increased Awareness to Your Organization

People clicking your ad are clicking because they want to. With great content, they will now have your organization in the back of their mind.

Gain More Email Addresses

Having someone’s email address is valuable. When advocating, being able to send an email to someone who has given you permission to do so is great, with one email address valued at approximately $8 to your non-profit in the first year alone.

Video Marketing Expansion

Videos are great ways to increase awareness, with visitors coming to your site you have the opportunity to hook them into your video which may lead them to being a supporter.

Are you eligible?

– You must hold current and valid charity status defined by your count

– Accept certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.

– Have a website with substantial content.

– Not eligible are: Government organizations and entities, hospitals & medical groups, educational institutions.

For Canadian non-profits specifically, organizations must:

– Be registered under the Canada Income Tax Act

– Can issue charitable receipts to donors\

– Exempt from income tax

Google has a stringent application approval process which can take four months to be approved (if declined, they do not provide the reason). Getting your application right the first time is crucial.

Google does provide tips for increasing your chances of your approval being successful. An understanding of Google Grants and Google AdWords is highly beneficial as you will need to provide keywords, copy and how you will benefit from the program.

Contact us for more information about Google Grants!

Finding the best keywords while ensuring you do not go over certain criteria such as max $2 CPC or waste your $329 daily budget is complex. You also need to ensure that you actively maintain the campaign actively from month to month.

$10,000/month in advertising is a very generous offer from Google Ad Grants. To maximize your chances of approval and fully benefit from the marketing once approved we would love to help you out. If you want to join 4000 other organizations who receive Google Ad Grants funding, call us today.