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What to Expect From SEO in 2013?

Given that we can never be entirely sure what the engineers at Google and the other major search engines are thinking now, making predictions about what will happen in the coming year is always a little bit of a dicey proposition. There are three search engine optimization trends that seem certain to continue for the foreseeable future: Read more

What Makes Search Engine Optimization So Hard?

SEOOpen up the discussion about search engine optimization with a group of web designers or seasoned business owners, and you’ll quickly arrive at one conclusion: It’s worth all the hard work you put into it, but it is a lot of hard work. Why is that?

Although Google and the other major search engines are fairly secretive about the algorithms they use to determine search order rankings – algorithms that are constantly changing – the major elements of search engine positioning (like content, page headings, inbound links, etc.) have been known for some time. With that in mind, it seems like it should be fairly simple to get to work on optimizing your site and watch your rankings improve. Read more

Why the Wrong Search Engine Optimization Team Can Cost You More Than You Might Think?

In web design, and life in general, it’s often hard to get people to do things for their own good. Doctors try to get patients to cut back on smoking and fatty foods, lawyers advise their clients to stay quiet, and friends warn each other about that person that just shouldn’t be dated… even though a lot of this advice is ultimately ignored. Read more