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What You Can and Can’t Copy From a Competitor’s Website

When it comes to business web design, is imitation really flattery… or the first step in a lawsuit?

A lot depends on what you’re borrowing, and where it’s coming from. Artists and marketers have been taking inspiration – and sometimes a lot more than inspiration – from each other for centuries. In this digital age, however, business owners, web designers, and everyone else have to be a lot more careful about what they take from a competitor.

Here are a couple of guidelines to help you stay out of trouble: Read more

Why Do you Need a Mobile Website?

Mobile Website

A truly mobile-friendly site is tailored to the needs of mobile users and the capabilities of mobile devices

Smartphones have become an extension of people’s daily lives. They are omnipresent in pockets and purses, and consumers use them everywhere and at anytime, from locating the nearest gas station to finding an open restaurant in town. Given the changing consumer behavior, it’s critical that businesses invest in a mobile website. Read more