How Google Helpouts Can help you Grow your Business?

Google HelpoutsIn todays world most businesses rely on the internet in some capacity for marketing purposes. When customers head to the internet to solve a problem Google is usually the first stop. Google recognized this and created a new product, Google Helpouts. Getting your business involved in Google Helpouts can help you grow. Released in November 2013, Google Helpouts are a service where people can reach out to experts in a variety of fields. You can offer your services as an expert in your industry to grow your business in a number of ways.

Build Your Online Reputation

Google Helpouts are still new with many consumers not yet aware of the service. This is great for you, with a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new platform. Being one of the first people into Helpouts in your industry will allow you to be found in search results regularly giving you a head start to get reviews, validating your expertise. While the majority of the user base is in the US, with time you will be interacting with people all over the world which brings in benefits you cannot put a value on.

Public Promotion

With Helpouts you can offer your services for free or an hourly rate (sessions as short as five minutes are possible). The possibility to earn is tremendous here, especially as you gain more reviews and get towards the top of search results. By offering you services for free you are generating awareness of your brand and getting public promotion both of which generate highly targeted leads.

Market Research

Your industry is likely to continue evolving. When people are coming to you they are seeking a solution. You will get a general idea on what problems are really troubling your target market and you will notice the shifts allowing you to reposition when necessary. You may even choose to expand your services as a result of knowing more problems you can help solve.

Hire People

Need to bring some people on in your business? What better way than to test ‘experts’ out with a variety of questions that double as an interview. The experts will quickly fail the test or pass just as quick in which case you can offer them a position knowing you have a highly qualified worker.

Choose Your Own Schedule

You get to choose when you are valuable. There are often downtimes in a small business so by saying you are available now you automatically tend to be seen high in searches. By making yourself available in quiet/dead time you are instantly decreasing inefficiencies in your business. This is a huge deal with small businesses.

To get started you will need a Google+ account and a Google Helpout invitation code as it is not open to everyone yet. This is a small barrier to entry that will prove difficult for some but gives you more incentive to get started today. Google is investing a lot into the technology used in the Helpouts, getting in now is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

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