Sell your Brand on Social Media – Insights from the Social Summit

The Social Summit

Photo: Neil Zeller Photography

The Social Summit took place November 26-27 in Calgary. It was a great opportunity to hear insights from brands such as Travel Alberta, WestJet, the Calgary Flames that have turn social media channels into success-generating machines.

Here are some insights we wanted to share with you:

  • Set objectives. Be clear to what you are trying to achieve on social media (increase exposure, develop loyal fans, increase engagement, improve sales).
  • Listen to your audience; get to know your fans. Why a post works better than others? Above 1% engagement rate is good.
  • Post authentic, honest content. People enjoy behind-the-scenes stories. For example, if you sell cookies, people want to know how they are prepared. Take inside pictures and videos, post interesting and compelling stories.
  • Be accessible and available for your fans, respond to comments/messages. If you receive any negative comments, stay true to your voice.
  • Share inspiring content. Post touching, moving and amusing real life experiences.
  • Test different strategies, creative, text. Make your posts point to a relevant landing page on your site.
  • Tweak your social media to appeal to mobile users. Users are spending more time accessing social media from mobile devices compared to desktop computers.
  • Use influencers to promote your products or services. “63% of millennials say they will try something recommended by a You Tuber”.
  • Use social media management tools such as hootsuite, buffer,
  • Track goals and measure results with Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights

Keep in mind that what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work for you.

It takes time and dedication to establish your voice, generate engagement and convert social media users into leads and sales. Contact us if you need help with your social media strategy.

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