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The Three Marketers provides high quality English to Traditional Chinese website translation and from English to Simplified Chinese website translation.

Having your web site translated into Chinese allows your products and services to be exposed on the large Chinese market.

Chinese is spoken by over one billion people. The vast majority of the Chinese-speaking population is in China (over 980 million), Hong Kong, and Taiwan (19 million), but substantial numbers are also found throughout the whole of southeast Asia, especially in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Important Chinese-speaking communities are also found in many other parts of the world, especially in Europe and North America.

Chinese has the highest number of internet users in the world. In 2011, there were 511,963,000 internet  users in China (source: wikipedia).

Chinese has seven major spoken dialects including Mandarin (spoken in Mainland China) and Cantonese (spoken in the Canton provinces, Hong Kong and Macau). Although the spoken dialects are very different, the written language for the different chinese dialects is essentially the same. There are however two different styles of writing chinese characters, called traditional and simplified. In mainland China a simplified writing system is used, whereas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas regions the traditional script is being used. In general a web-site translation written in either style is readable by all Chinese people - however those in the mainland will in general prefer simplified, and those in Hong Kong and Taiwan will prefer the traditional style.

People tend to be afraid of and refrain from ordering about something from a web site in a foreign language. Translating your website is the best tool to reach foreign markets.

To see a sample website, click here to view our main page translated into Traditional Chinese.

All our translators are professional translators. They only translate into their native language and all are multilingual, which enables them to make use of and understand cultural references from other languages.

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