What Should Businesses Post on Social Media?

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The effects of quality social media for small business has been well publicised. Social media provides an outlet for every business to connect with their customers. Here are some tips of material you can post to get the best of both worlds.


Company News

This can offer insight into what is happening behind the scenes of the business. Do you have a new front of staff member? Introduce them on social media – your audience can then relate to them in real life. Did you help out a charity or a funny moment in store? Post it, this engages both your existing and potential customers giving your business a personality.


Provide Special Offers

Promotions get people excited. Letting your audience know helps spread the word, you can also make sure they feel extra special by adding in extra incentive with an extra gift or a bigger discount.


Provide Valuable Solutions

Get into the role of your consumer. You are providing a product/service for a problem of theirs but there are probably a lot more problems that are not so prominent – indirectly help them. If you are a café, provide some fun facts about where your beans are from. You can even educate them on how to make a great coffee. Providing value is a great way to connect with your customers.


Take Your Time With Presentation

You take time to ensure your product/service looks nice, do the same with your social media posts. A picture paints a 1000 words is high applicable with social media. Ensure the images you post are high quality (600px minimum width on Facebook, 440px x 220px for Twitter). Images the are high quality, bright and relevant to your business and audience are going to engage your audience a lot more than images copied from the web.


Implementing social media is a long-term plan. If you are seen as selling all day on social media interest your audience is going to reject you. The most comprehensive book on social media is from Gary Vaynerchuk: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. The jabs are intended to be the warm up, you are providing value by keeping them involved. Only when the time is right (infrequently) you can go for the sale aka right hook.

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