4 Top Tips to Achieving the Ultimate Landing Page

A landing page is a web page serving as the website’s entry point. Given this, it is safe to say the landing page is more often than not the most important page of your website. A landing page is more than just a well-designed page; its scope is to convert visitors into paying customers. Simply put, increasing your conversion rate increases profit. Below we have the top four tips to ensuring you have an awesome landing page


A Clear Call to Action!

Once people have finished reading your landing page, you should make the desired action as clear as possible. Do everything you can to make the call to action (buy now button, subscribe etc.) stand out. Large, bright buttons with clear text is the formula for success here.


Heat Maps!

Heat maps are data collection services that provide reports showing you exactly where your audience is clicking on your website. You might find they are clicking on what they thought was a button in which case you should probably make that space a call to action. Find out where they are clicking and consider how you can utilize this information.


Seek Testimonials

Competition for products across the Internet is increasing daily. By displaying brands and websites that have featured you or your product increases your visitors’ trust in your brand. If you have yet to be featured anywhere, create a list of places you can look to publish content and establish credibility.

Don’t Settle!

You should always be running tests in the background. A 1% improvement in conversion rate can mean thousands of dollars in revenue each year. You can test anything and everything. Even a change in the font of the text used can have an impact.

Creating a great landing page is not easy. Remember there is no such thing as a perfect landing page unless you have a 100% conversion rate. The ultimate goal is to get as close to this as possible.

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