Google New Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns, Google’s latest addition to Google Ads, is taking the world by storm and raising marketing experiences and capabilities to new heights. Harnessing the latest in both automation and machine learning technology, Google Performance Max campaigns are revolutionizing online advertising. Join us as we take a closer look at what Performance Max is, how Performance Max works, and how they can benefit your business.

What is Performance Max?

Google Performance Max campaigns are the latest innovation by Google. As a Google Premier Partner, The Three Marketers was lucky enough to have the privilege of testing Performance Max campaigns before they were released to the public.

Conversion focused and designed for businesses wanting to increase conversions, Performance Max campaigns leverage automation and machine learning to optimize campaigns for the performance and goals that matter the most to your business.

Designed to help you find more converting customers across all Google Channels (Search, Gmail, YouTube, Display, Discover, and Maps), Performance Max campaigns complement keyword-based campaigns and use Smart Bidding to optimize performance in real-time. In essence, the main difference between Performance Max and other Google campaigns is the automated targeting and delivery offered by advanced AI-based on information provided by the advertiser. Ad creation, too, can be automated based on the assets provided by the advertiser, similar to how responsive Display Ads currently work.

How Do Performance Max Ads work?

Using a combination of user intent signals and advanced predictive machine learning, Google Performance Max campaigns help you reach the right audience at the right time. It’s an automated, goal-based campaign type designed to serve relevant ads at the optimal bid to maximize conversions. When visiting your site, users tend to give signals before taking action – signals that may not otherwise be obvious without poring over visitor data or using an expensive analysis tool.

With Performance Max, Google uses machine learning to automatically study the signals that trigger users to take certain actions on your site. It then automatically creates the right ad served in the right format at the right time using the most relevant creative for each user based on your goals, what’s been learned, and the information you provided. This helps maximize performance to drive the best ROI possible on your campaign with minimal advertiser input.

Benefits of Using Performance Max

“Advertisers that use Performance Max campaigns in their account see an average increase of 13% total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action.” – Google Data, Global, Ads, July – September 2021

Performance Max campaigns are designed to help you find more converting customers. By leveraging the full breadth of Google’s channels from a single ad campaign, Google Performance Max Ads engage customers throughout the purchase journey and use the real-time data gathered to present your ads at precisely the right moments. This both increases the number of conversions you receive and can potentially unlock new audience segments you previously might not have expected.

What’s more, Performance Max campaigns help you achieve more value from your budget and increase your overall ROI. By optimizing for the most effective touchpoints across channels, Google’s machine learning models can more accurately predict which ads, audiences, channels, and creative combinations work best for your business and marketing objectives.

In simpler terms, Performance Max campaigns help you see faster results at the same price. As an added bonus, the new reports on your Google Insights page offer more comprehensive information about which ads are performing best, rising search trends, and help better inform your overall marketing strategy. Google Performance Max campaigns keep your goals front and center and use all the data available to serve ads best suited for those goals.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Google Performance Max?

As a Google Premier Partner, The Three Marketers already has experience with Google’s new Performance Max campaigns. If you’d like to know more about how Performance Max can help increase conversions and grow your business online, get in touch with us today at 403-230-3993 or connect with us online for more information.

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