Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page

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In today’s world of social media, it is tough to know exactly what social media tools we should be using. Google+ has constantly been seen in positive and negative lights since its launch in 2011. It does not have the traction that Facebook and Twitter currently (there are more Google+ accounts than Twitter accounts) however there are a few strong reasons as to why your company should, in fact, have a Google+ page.

Google is King

All around the world, people use Google’s search engine every day. Given that, it makes sense that Google will ensure posts on Google+ contain more weight in the search engines. If you are able to create relevant content via your Google+ page, your company will be seen as an influence within your industry.


Recently Google announced the ability to create hashtags in Google+ posts that are searchable. When someone searches in Google with a hashtag, not only will regular search results come up, but on the right-hand side, Google+ posts with that hashtag will also appear.

YouTube Comments

Google has begun integrating YouTube with Google+. All YouTube comments will be powered by Google+. If you have strong brand recognition on YouTube it would be silly not to link your YouTube account with a Google+ account given the news.

Easier to Separate Customer Types

Thanks to the way Google+ works, you can place customers into separate circles based on criteria of your choice. When publishing material, you are able to then target the exact customer type you want to target within your network. This ensures that customers are not turned off from you by receiving irrelevant content to their needs.

Google+ is Not in Direct Competition with Facebook

While both tools are social media based, it is clear from the above that each format will attract different users which means by having a Google+ account you are opening up yourself to a wider customer base.

Google+ may not yet be a powerhouse in social media circles, but that does not mean you should not have a Google+ page. Creating a Google+ page is a quick process and posting content through the account on a regular basis will ensure that you are featured higher up in the search ranking. Ultimately, this brings in more visitors to your website.

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