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Pioneers of digital marketing

The Three Marketers Inc. is one of Canada’s original digital marketing agencies. Established in Calgary, Alberta in 2003, we were present at the birth of the internet marketing industry, and have followed its tremendous evolution since. We have helped hundreds of websites gain online exposure, from start-ups to major corporations such as The Forzani GroupSmart TechnologiesMeridian Manufacturing, Canada Culvert, UFA, MSH International, and The Alberta Safety Council. Today, we support clients in all industries across Canada, the United-States and Europe while still remaining accessible to our locally-based clients right in the Calgary area.


Our main goal is to provide efficient, competent, and professional online marketing services while focusing on bottom-line business goals.


The Three Marketers will assist you in setting up an effective digital strategy that will help your business increase its presence, engage your customers, drive quality traffic to your website or app, and generate sales.


We provide digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes and industries in Calgary, throughout Alberta, across Canada and worldwide. From corporate websites to e-commerce, we can help you GROW your business online!


  • Karine Kugler
    Karine Kugler

    The Three Marketers Inc. was founded in 2003 by Karine Kugler to answer the needs of businesses requiring online exposure for their websites. When the internet began to expand into home residences in 1995, she saw the potential for businesses to use this technology to reach consumers, promote their offerings, and increase sales.

    Karine is an Internet Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry. She graduated from the University of Blaise Pascal in France with a Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing. She has worked on the travel agency side as well as with well-known brands such as The Disney Company in California and spent many years with British Airways.

    When she moved to Calgary to work for World Web Technologies as an Internet Marketing Specialist, her responsibilities included the search engine marketing of the World Web Travel Guides, including the Discover Alberta website.

    At The Three Marketers Inc., Karine is our key technical resource and recognized Google Partner. She spearheads a team that supports a broad range of industries all across North America, helping our clients increase their online visibility and traffic every year.  She also speaks English, French and Spanish, and has traveled extensively around the world.

Karine Kugler at Googleplex
Karine Kugler


The Three Marketers Inc. is a Certified Google and Microsoft Advertising Partner, which means we are trusted by Google and Microsoft to follow their best practices and implement the correct strategy for your business. We continously deliver high standards of service to maintain this status.  We are regularly invited by Google to visit their headquarters in Mountain View, California where we learn about new products, and market trends whilst sharing insights with other agencies. Learn more about the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner.



Our team members have also gained individual qualifications demonstrating proficiency in:

Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Video Ads


Are there any long-term contracts?

No. Our contract is automatically renewed on a monthly basis. If you would like to cancel, just send us a written notification before the beginning of the next month.

Do you charge monthly fees?

Yes. We do charge monthly fees to monitor your rankings, build links to your website and make ongoing changes to your website based on Search Engines’ algorithms.

Are there any set- up fees?

Yes. We do charge set-up fees to implement the optimization elements to the website and to set up the paid ad campaigns.

Do you offer app development?

No, but we would be happy to refer you to a trusted app developer.

Do you offer Web Design services?

No, but if you don’t have a website yet or you would like to redesign, we would be happy to refer you to a trusted resource.  We can also offer insight into what your new website should contain and how it can best be structured for SEO.

Where do I start?

Fill out our Request an Estimate Form and we will send you a detailed proposal.

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