Karine Kugler

The Three Marketers Inc. was founded in 2003 by Karine Kugler to answer the needs of businesses requiring online exposure for their websites. When the internet began to expand into home residences in 1995, she saw the potential for businesses to use this technology to reach consumers, promote their offerings, and increase sales.

Karine is an Internet Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry. She graduated from the University of Blaise Pascal in France with a Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing. She has worked both on the travel agency side and with well-known brands such as The Disney Company in California and many years with British Airways.

When she moved to Calgary to work for World Web Technologies as an Internet Marketing Specialist, her responsibilities included the search engine marketing of the World Web Travel Guides, including the Discover Alberta website.

At The Three Marketers Inc., Karine is our key technical resource and recognized Google Partner. She spearheads a team that supports a broad range of industries all across North America, helping our clients increase their online visibility and traffic every year.  She also speaks English, French and Spanish, and has traveled extensively around the world.

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