Choosing a Domain Name that Enhances Your SEO Efforts

A domain name should be something that’s useful and that you’re proud of. To help you get the most out of your domain name and to maximize organic SEO traffic, we’ve compiled a list of 5 handy tips to keep in mind when choosing your new domain name:

Choose a Memorable Domain Name

Sticking to a domain name that’s easy to type and say will ensure that it’s remembered by your users. People generally think more positively of brands and things that they can easily remember and having a memorable domain name makes it easier for users to access your site, meaning search engines too will place more importance on your site – not to mention that having a memorable name can contribute to free word-of-mouth advertising.

Weave Your Brand Name In

Ideally, you already have a business name that’s relevant to your line of work. If you’re involved in a particular industry, it’s worth using your brand name as your domain name if you want your website to rank in search results for your brand name or have already established solid brand promotion and brand awareness strategies. If you haven’t yet started your business, now’s a great time to start thinking of ideas that would work as both a brand name and a domain name.

Choose a Name That Describes What You Do

If you’re not already an established brand, consider choosing a domain name that describes what you do. For example, if you’re a photographer it might help your search rankings, and how well your visitors remember your brand if you chose a domain name like However, don’t put too much emphasis on a keyword-rich domain name, since something like could come off as spammy. On that note, it’s best to avoid including generic, overused buzzwords and terms like “solutions” and “services” in your domain name.

Avoid Hyphenated Domain Names

Speaking of spammy domain names, another thing to avoid is using hyphens in your domain name since hyphens can also make your domain name look spammy (remember the example we mentioned earlier?). What’s more, hyphens can actually make your domain names harder for users to read and remember, partially due to the spammy tendencies. If you absolutely must separate the words in your domain name, stick to one hyphen at the most (like

Choose a .Com Domain

.Com domains are the most popular types of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and subsequently the ones that receive the most traffic. Regardless of what your domain registrar tries to get you to believe, purchasing low-quality TLDs like .pro, .cc, .biz, and .info will have very little, if any, effect on your traffic and might even be regarded as spammy behavior. If your chosen .com domain isn’t available, consider alternative high-quality TLDs like .net or .co.

Choosing the right domain name for your brand or business is an extremely important decision that could have a tremendous impact on the overall success of your business. Get in touch with The Three Marketers today if you’d like to find out more about why choosing the right domain name for your business is one of the keys to a successful online business.

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