Coronavirus Readiness Tips for Your Business

Apart from the havoc the recent coronavirus outbreak has already wreaked on big multinational businesses, it will undoubtedly affect smaller local businesses too. As a business owner, in addition to simply keeping yourself informed and taking the precautionary measures recommended by the authorities, what can you do to protect your livelihood?  The following are a few tips to help keep your business running as smoothly as possible during this global crisis:

Keep your customers informed

Consider sharing what measures you’re currently taking with your customers. This not only alleviates their concerns but also shows them that you take a proactive interest in your community’s health. For example, if you own a business that receives customers at your location, you might want to inform them what additional disinfection routines you have in place, such as whether you provide sanitizing stations. Mention the precautions your employees are required to take and don’t forget to spread the word about any additional policies you’ve established.

Share your plan

Building on the first tip, be sure to display your action plan at your business location, as well as share it on your marketing channels, website, and social media. You might even want to add in a blurb to your website’s homepage outlining the specific precautions your business is taking or consider sending out a personalized email to your customers.

Be Flexible

What can you do to accommodate your customers in this time of crisis? How about offering a more flexible refund policy or giving customers the option to postpone their reservation or appointment at no extra cost? While this might not necessarily help your bottom line or make it easier to deal with any potential economic impacts stemming from the crisis, it’s simple acts of kindness like these that people tend to remember and that truly make a brand what it is.

Ramp up your digital transformation

The recent outbreak and lull in business can be taken as an opportunity to reshape and implement new digital strategies for your business. As more and more people remain indoors, online shopping is experiencing an unprecedented surge. So, consider shifting your focus to online sales. Can the services you offer be digitized? A lot of work nowadays can be done remotely, so why not leverage a digital platform to connect with your customers? Specialized platforms even allow teams to effectively collaborate and communicate and are a lifesaver in these work-from-home days. Meetings can take place over platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts, while free platforms like Collabedit can be used to facilitate real-time collaboration.

Don’t stop advertising

Too many companies make the fatal mistake of cutting back on marketing efforts whenever things get a little tough, even though advertising is the best way to attract potential customers and the first step towards making a sale. Postponing or abandoning your marketing efforts effectively means you’re missing out on a ton of potential sales and, in the long run, will end up costing you far more than what you would have spent on keeping your advertising running.

Don’t panic!

Even if you experience a new low in reservations, phone leads, or foot traffic, you haven’t lost your search engine rankings. You’ll bounce back eventually. Remember that the current situation is only temporary and busier times are ahead!

Times like these can be tough on businesses of all sizes, but you’ve got to keep looking forward and thinking about what the future holds. And this means not giving up on your digital marketing efforts. Contact the Three Marketers today to find out how you can make the most of the current situation.

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