Expand Your Brand with a Favicon

The Internet is a vast and crowded marketplace. The web has brought us all together in ways that were impossible even a few decades ago, but in this practically limitless virtual space it can be all too easy for businesses new and old to be lost in the sea of competitors. If you want to distinguish yourself from the pack you have to get your brand viewed by as many people in as many places as you can. Many websites have begun to use favicons to add a little flavor to a site’s browser tab and to keep the logo visible as long as the page is open.

What is a favicon?
Favicons (short for favorite icon) are also known as shortcut icons, website icons, tab icons, URL icons, or bookmark icons. Favicons are the tiny square images that can be seen to the left of a web page’s title in a browser tab, or next to the URL in the address bar. These small images give viewers a visual representation of your brand. Favicons are generally only 16*16 pixels in size, but using one can make your logo stand out:

– when several web pages are opened in a browser
– when a user bookmarks your site
– when a prospective customer sees your site in Google’s search results from a mobile device.

Why does your website need a favicon?
Branding! Using a favicon puts your logo in front of page viewers whenever they’ve opened your site. It can help your site stand out among the other browser tabs and give your tab a professional look. If you want to get your brand out there in front of as many people as possible you’ll want to consider using one, and now that Google has added favicons to its search results your favicon may be the first thing a prospective customer sees when they search your business.

Anyone interested in growing their business will see the benefit of getting their logo in front of more customers. Adding a favicon is an easy way to help gain some brand recognition both to visitors of your page, and now even in Google searches. There could be someone viewing or searching for your site while you read this, the time to act is now! If your website doesn’t have a favicon, contact us.

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