Leverage Customer Pain Points to Increase Sales

Customer pain points are essentially any problem customers are looking to solve. If you want to be successful when selling a product or service, understanding and addressing your customers’ pain points dramatically increases your chances of landing the sale. Of course, this isn’t something revolutionary and is the basis of plenty of marketing strategies, including SEO, yet it’s surprising how many businesses still neglect the importance of pain points. Let’s take a closer look at how to identify your customers’ pain points and how you can leverage them to increase your sales.

How to Identify Customer Pain Points

Before you can even start thinking about using customer pain points to improve your sales, you need to identify them. So, how do you identify customer pain points?

Listen to Your Customers

Surveys and questionnaires are worth their weight in gold to businesses. Instead of doing costly market research to find out what your customers really want, you get it handed to you on a silver platter! If you’re not too keen on surveys, however, or can’t think of enough questions to create one, a quick social media post or a look through comments on existing posts and the questions your audience ask can provide a wealth of valuable information you can use to identify and target customer pain points.  

Find Out What Keywords Customers Use to Find Your Site

Nowadays, when someone has a problem, they’re likely to search for a solution online – and when they do, it typically takes more than a few words to describe it. This means that pain point keywords are almost exclusively longtail keywords ready to target. Take a look at your Google Analytics dashboard and look out for key phrases people use to find your site. Look for particular phrases, especially those beginning with “how” or “why.”

Using Customer Pain Points to Increase Sales

After identifying your customer’s pain points, it’s time to move on to ways to leverage these to increase your sales.

Ad Copy

What better place to address your customers’ pain points than in your ad copy? After all, your products or services should be offering solutions that solve these problems. When writing your ad copy, be sure to include adjectives that make it clear your offering solves customer pain points, such as “fast,” “easy,” and “reliable.” Take it a step further and offer free quotes or product trials and include social proof to further instill confidence in your customers.

Blog Posts, Articles, and Case Studies

Blog posts, articles, and case studies are an excellent way to leverage customer pain points and increase sales. This type of content targets customers when they’re in the awareness stage – the first phase in the customer journey when customers are just finding out about your business and what you offer. This presents a great opportunity to address your customer’s pain points and convince them your brand can help. Some of the types of content you can leverage to address pain points at this stage include how-to articles, product comparisons, and case studies showcasing how you helped similar customers solve their problems.

Social Media Content

With so many people using social media on a daily basis, it makes sense to reach out to potential customers on any social media platforms you’re active on. Well-designed social media content, including posts, videos, images, and ads directed at solving your customers’ pain points can prove to be very effective and help convert casual readers into paying customers.

Landing Pages

Vital to the success of countless marketing campaigns, your landing pages offer an amazing opportunity to introduce prospective customers to your products or services. Moreover, they give you the chance to show that you understand your customers’ problems and have what it takes to solve them. When designed properly and packed with carefully crafted copy, landing pages can be super effective at leveraging customer pain points to increase sales.

Help Your Customers Solve Their Pain Points

Now that you have a better idea of how to leverage pain points to increase sales, it’s time to put your knowledge to action. To find out more about solving customer pain points to grow your business online or how to implement them into your existing marketing strategy, reach out to The Three Marketers at 403-230-3993 or contact us online today.

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