Why You Need Ongoing SEO for your Business

So after all that effort, you’re finally starting to reap the benefits of your SEO campaign, well done! At this stage, you might be tempted to scale back to cut down on costs. Don’t! One of the most important things about SEO that business owners tend to overlook is the fact that it requires a long-term commitment. SEO is not something you can just “set and forget”, it’s an ongoing process. With an ever-changing market, changing competition and constant evolution of search engine ranking rules, it’s extremely important to establish a long-term digital marketing plan. Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why ongoing SEO is so important.

The Competition Changes

Always remember that your positions at the top of the search engine rankings were taken from someone else! If you want to keep your rankings, you need to constantly one-up your competition. The tactics your competitors use to attract and retain new customers can vary from one day to the next, so ideally you need to stay one step ahead of them. An ongoing SEO campaign is your competitive edge.

The Market is Constantly Changing

With new products and services being released all the time, more and more consumers are looking for specific products, using specific search terms to find exactly what they’re looking for. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to constantly tweak your SEO campaign to target the latest products and services in your field. The language and keywords used on your website need to keep up with market demands and reflect what’s being used by your potential customers.

Search Engine Rules Change

Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm to make sure only the most relevant results for a user’s query are delivered. Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithm every year; some of these changes are minor and go unnoticed, whilst others are major and can significantly alter the search results. Google doesn’t communicate on its algorithm tweaks, nor do they provide any information on what they have changed. The SEO community constantly monitors a large number of keywords and because of this, online marketers are able to detect the changes, analyze what has changed and immediately adjust their SEO strategy accordingly. Because of these constant changes, ongoing SEO is essential; what works today might not necessarily work tomorrow.


If you don’t want to have your valuable search engine rankings stolen by a competitor, an ongoing SEO campaign is a must. At The Three Marketers we understand that as a business owner, your time is much better spent on making sure your business is being run as efficiently as possible. As experts in our field, it’s our job to keep ourselves updated on all the latest SEO best practices, using our knowledge and experience to ensure our clients’ SEO campaigns are performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to find out how an ongoing SEO campaign can help your business grow.

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