Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Will Increase Sales

Google has recently revamped their Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLA) through Google Search rather than Google Display. RSLA brings old marketing tricks from physical stores online by marketing to those who showed interest in making a purchase, but ultimately chose not to for various reasons. Businesses can now create niche lists of visitors to their site who have indicated they are interested in buying. By remarketing to these customers again, you may make a sale that would not have occurred had they never seen your brand again.

How RLSA Works

When visitors land on your website, a ‘cookie’ is assigned to them. Thanks to the technology that Google provides, their movements can be traced the whole time they are on your website. You can use this information to target the keywords that they used to reach your website in conjunction with the products they were interested in purchasing before they left your site. You can then campaign to make yourself visible to these visitors in their Google search results.

Why Use RSLA

Human behaviour indicates people like to delay purchases. Research indicates that less than 5% of first-time visitors to websites make a purchase. That is a small number, but one that means you can remarket to over 95% of your visitors. If you convert a small portion of these visitors who initially showed interest but left for any number of reasons, then the investment is well worth it. Especially if you see someone put products into their online cart before leaving the store, the brand recognition for your product will be strong.

RLSA has only been on Google Search since June 2013. They are working on making it a great product by continuously tweaking it to further enhance the user experience and capabilities. The chance to convert customers that have shown interest can increase your bottom line substantially. If you left a good impression on someone, they are more inclined to make a purchase if they are called to action. To get started, contact us now.

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