The Future of Online Marketing

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The one promise of online marketing is that there is always the next thing. Sometimes a new platform or a change in the content, but we’re now embarking on a new path where the customer’s experience is going to be the driving force in big changes ahead. The use of mobile devices has grown exponentially over the last few years, and how customers experience the web on those mobile devices is driving change in online marketing.


The Rise of Voice Search
The process of searching for information on the web According to Google, over 20% of all searches on their Android app are done by voice, and that number is going to just continue to increase. The natural extension of this is an even more interactive way of searching. In fact, it can even take on a conversational type of searching with questions and answers and follow-up questions. Voice is definitely the future.


Frictionless Mobile Experience
Consumers expect a seamless mobile experience. This experience goes beyond having just a website that is easy to find on your mobile device. It’s an experience that allows the mobile user to find and successfully execute the path to consumer satisfaction. The most important part of this process is speed. No part of the experience can feel slow, and at all times the consumer must feel certain that he or she on the path attaining buyer’s satisfaction. This means that all mobile interactions should be optimized for speed including using tools like the Open Source Project, AMP.


Relevant Ads
Consumers want ads that are relevant and useful. Marketers should really dig into the journey of their customers to find the perfect places to meet them in the process of delivering relevant content in a useful way. Relevant ads can take into considering not only online activity but also offline activity like store visits.


The first step for marketers looking forward is to make sure all mobile sites are up to snuff. Are they fast? Are they relevant to the user? Are they useful? Does the writing style mesh with the rise of voice search that may be more conversational? Is the experience for the consumer easy from start to finish? Fall down the rabbit hole of your customer’s experience. Combine their offline and online worlds to attract them with very relevant ads. Answer these questions and you’ll be ready when the future arrives.

(*source: thinkwithgoogle)

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