Why We Like WordPress Websites

In today’s modern age of the internet, having a presence online can greatly affect the type of traffic driven to a particular business or organization. WordPress is a fine open source option for individuals and organizations alike capable of creating professional looking webpages that are distributable on multiple platforms.

WordPress runs on more than 23 % of all Web sites on the Web and powers more than 60 % of all sites using known content management systems (*). It is used by some world-renowned brands in the world such as The New York Times, CNN, BBC America, MTV News and many more. It’s massive.

Easy to Customize

WordPress is a very excellent solution capable of completing just about any task that could be required of a website and has a growing repository of plugins, most of which are free of charge! There are many themes and designs that aspiring WordPressers can utilize as starting points to easily create the type of website they’re looking for.


Being open-source based software, there are endless customizations and ways that WordPress websites can be manipulated to meet the creative needs of any developer. WordPress is a constantly updating and improving platform that has a very active community constantly helping the WordPress team release updates. WordPress is commonly used for Blogs, but can be used for any higher demanding creative purpose. Compared to a traditional site, WordPress aims to provide ease of access for the designer and the individual accessing the site alike.


Not only is WordPress compatible across all major browsers and platforms, but it can easily be accessed through mobile devices by using a mobile responsive design and downloading the proper plugin/s. It is a very welcoming and engaging Content Management System that is designed to be a universal platform with the latest in web security. Thanks to its functionality, popularity, and simplicity there’s  a ton of support for WordPress across the web!


The WordPress community is extremely diligent in their efforts to keep WordPress secure and patch the code as soon as vulnerabilities are found. As with any Content Management System available, it is crucial that you always use the latest version.


While WordPress makes embedding content easy for its websites, it is also coded to be completely compatible with Search Engine Optimization. There are many plugins that can be utilized to meet SEO needs, but the platform essentially comes SEO ready right from the start using Google’s latest SEO algorithm updates. This ensures that the WordPress website drives traffic and allows for individuals to monitor specific analytics! WordPress is easy to edit and easy to customize with many different dynamics available.

Make the switch to WordPress for your organization!

(*source: w3techs.com)

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