Why your blog posts need an author bio box

To many, an author bio box is simply a small section at the end of a blog post where information about the blog’s author is displayed, something insignificant which can be left out. But it’s so much more! As we’ve already explained in our article, How to Write High-Quality Content For Your Website, adding an author bio box at the end of your blog post is a great way to show expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness – three things that Google’s search algorithm gives a lot of weight to. Unfortunately, even in 2020, something so small yet so important is still one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging and content writing in general. Still not convinced? Let’s dive a little deeper into why adding an author bio box to your blog posts is so important…

Introduce the Author

First and foremost, an author bio box introduces the author of the blog post or article you’ve just published. It might come as a surprise to you that your readers aren’t just interested in the content you publish, they’re also interested in who wrote it! An author bio box allows you to forge deeper connections with your readers which, in turn, boosts your blog’s credibility among your target audience.

Author bio box example

Establish Authenticity

It’s a fact that people are more inclined to trust and believe genuine, authentic content over faceless, generic content.  Building on from the last point, adding an author bio box is instrumental in establishing your blog’s authenticity. Something as simple as adding a short biography, photograph, or even links to an author’s social media pages can do wonders to build trust among your audience and establish your site as a genuine source of information – as opposed to just another faceless, generic page.

 Cultivate Credibility

While publishing posts anonymously may have its uses, it doesn’t do much to increase your site’s credibility. Nowadays there are thousands of websites on practically every topic imaginable battling it out for those precious first page rankings, so how can you stand out from the rest? The best way to go about this is to establish credibility and show your audience you really know what you’re talking about – and this won’t happen by publishing all your posts anonymously. Adding an author bio box gives your audience an insight into who they’re dealing with and helps them better determine whether they should trust your content over your competitor’s.

Organize Content

Last but not least, an author bio box can be useful to organize content not just for yourself, but also for your readers. For example, if your readers like reading content written by a specific author, all they would have to do would be to click on their author bio box in one of the blog posts or articles to be taken to a page displaying all the content written by that particular author. This also comes with the added benefit of improving your site’s overall user experience, scoring you points with your readers and search engines alike.

In conclusion, author bio boxes are much more than insignificant little boxes at the end of your posts and, for the little effort they take to fill out, are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Don’t miss out on the incredible advantages they offer!

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