Do You Want $10,000 in Free Advertising for Your Non-Profit?

Google GrantsAre you a non-profit organization? Having enough funds to raise awareness of your organization is never easy. You want all funds put towards helping achieve your mission statement. You know you need to be involved in marketing, but cannot take money away from directly helping your cause leaving you to rely on word of mouth and any press coverage you can find.

To solve this dilemma, Google offers grants under the title Google Ad Grants. Providing up to $10,000 in advertising the opportunity is huge. It is not as simple as asking for the money. You need to meet eligibility criteria and submit a great application. If you are successful, there are a number of benefits if you execute the ads well.

Increased Awareness to Your Organization

People clicking your ad are clicking because they want to. With great content, they will now have your organization in the back of their mind.

Gain More Email Addresses

Having someone’s email address is valuable. When advocating, being able to send an email to someone who has given you permission to do so is great, with one email address valued at approximately $8 to your non-profit in the first year alone.

Video Marketing Expansion

Videos are great ways to increase awareness, with visitors coming to your site you have the opportunity to hook them into your video which may lead them to being a supporter.

Are you eligible?

– You must hold current and valid charity status defined by your count

– Accept certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.

– Have a website with substantial content.

– Not eligible are: Government organizations and entities, hospitals & medical groups, educational institutions.

For Canadian non-profits specifically, organizations must:

– Be registered under the Canada Income Tax Act

– Can issue charitable receipts to donors\

– Exempt from income tax

Google has a stringent application approval process which can take four months to be approved (if declined, they do not provide the reason). Getting your application right the first time is crucial.

Google does provide tips for increasing your chances of your approval being successful. An understanding of Google Grants and Google AdWords is highly beneficial as you will need to provide keywords, copy and how you will benefit from the program.

Contact us for more information about Google Grants!

Finding the best keywords while ensuring you do not go over certain criteria such as max $2 CPC or waste your $329 daily budget is complex. You also need to ensure that you actively maintain the campaign actively from month to month.

$10,000/month in advertising is a very generous offer from Google Ad Grants. To maximize your chances of approval and fully benefit from the marketing once approved we would love to help you out. If you want to join 4000 other organizations who receive Google Ad Grants funding, call us today.

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