Finding the Right Length for Your Marketing Videos

If you haven’t jumped on the latest marketing trends, it’s time to do so with video marketing. Online videos reach over nine out of ten internet users worldwide, so get to researching and claim your slice of that pie.

Video marketing works because it engages the audience in a visually compelling way. Captivating storytelling, attention-grabbing, and informative videos that convert effortlessly – it’s the marketer’s dream.

Nowadays, staying competitive online can’t just be lazily putting together some clips and posting them. A successful video requires careful research and planning because, after all, time is gold. There’s no time to waste. Arguably, the most overlooked factor in this is the video content length.

Find the sweet spot with this guide to finding the right length for your marketing videos.

The Right Marketing Video Matters

Videos can definitely bring your business to life in many ways. But to get it straight, your marketing video, in particular, is what convinces your customers that you’re the best choice.

With 97% of Gen Zers using social media as their main shopping inspiration, mostly from video content, brands need to get creative and be more authentic and organic with their marketing video strategies.

One good way to get your videos right is by considering which stage of the buyer’s journey you plan to focus on.

At the Awareness stage, your video should address the potential problem your customers experience and provide solutions to draw them in. The Consideration stage needs your video to be more educational, explaining the different ways to solve their problem with your brand. Meanwhile, the Decision stage requires a strong call to action.

By determining the purpose of your video, you can decide the video length that will best suit it.

How Long Should a Marketing Video Be?

You can’t maximize the potential of your video, regardless of how awesome it already looks, if you don’t consider its length. And while there’s no perfect video length for every situation, the purpose of your strategy is what determines it.

Whether it’s just a quick and catchy clip or an in-depth explainer, there’s an ideal duration for whatever you plan on making.

Short Videos

Typically ranging from ten seconds to a minute, short videos require the most creative thinking because of the limited time. Communicate the most important information and make your message clear from the get-go.

This is also one of the main qualities of a viral video, so strategic thinking might be worth it if this is your goal. Social media has paved the way for many things to go viral, favouring quick content that captures the viewers’ attention instantly.

That said, a pro-video marketing tip is to keep your short videos focused on your core audience. A viral video offers little value if, at the end of the day, it doesn’t produce results.

Medium-Length Videos

Medium-length videos usually last up to three minutes. This allows you to tell a more compelling story. The catch, though, is that these videos need to hook the audience quickly and maintain their attention with an engaging narrative or provide some unique and valuable information.

This format works especially well for explainer videos. Because these can educate viewers about your product or service so effectively, customers who watch explainers are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase.

Long Videos

Videos going over the three-minute mark usually fall into the online learning category. Think of tutorials, webinars, and Q&A sessions. While there are fewer video types that fit this length, those that do have to offer a lot of value to justify such an extended duration.

Long videos should be filled to the brim with information. This is your chance to provide detailed content that requires more time to communicate more complex knowledge.

Factors in Choosing the Right Marketing Video Length

The right marketing video length can make all the difference. These are the factors you should consider before rolling the camera.

  • Purpose: What is the goal of your marketing video strategy? Make short videos to get viral, medium-length videos if you’re planning on discussing your service, or a long video for more in-depth tutorials.
  • Platform: There are different video lengths to consider for all the social media platforms. For example, Instagram and TikTok favour short-form content, while YouTube and LinkedIn welcome longer formats.
  • Audience: Your target audience has a general attention span. If you’re aiming to get the attention of the general public, then keep it short and catchy. But if you’re aiming for professionals in a specific industry, then something more informative might work.
  • Type of Content: Promo videos, teasers, and ads are usually shorter. Product demos and explainer videos, on the other hand, are expected to go longer.
  • Engagement: Shorter videos work better for content that you want your audience to share quickly, and a longer format is great for educating and building trust.
  • Video Format: Vertical videos are ideal for platforms like Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Facebook Stories, where users primarily hold their phones upright. Horizontal videos are better suited for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, where viewers are more likely to watch on larger screens. Ensure your video fits the preferred format of your target platform to maximize engagement.

These are just a handful of factors that can help you determine the video length that your strategies need. But ultimately, always be sure to get your message across to increase the chances of a conversion.

Real-World Success Stories

Consider how brands like Nike and Apple have successfully used video marketing to engage their audiences. For instance, Nike’s short, impactful Instagram Stories videos quickly capture attention and drive brand messaging home. On the other hand, Apple’s longer product explainer videos on YouTube provide detailed insights, helping viewers understand the features and benefits of their products.

Optimizing for Mobile Viewing

With a significant portion of video content consumed on mobile devices, ensure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing. This includes using appropriate formats, subtitles, and ensuring quick loading times. Mobile-friendly videos can enhance user experience and increase the likelihood of shares and engagement.

Leveraging Analytics for Video Marketing

Track and analyze the performance of your videos to refine your strategy. Use tools like YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Instagram Insights to monitor metrics such as watch time, engagement rates, and audience demographics. This data can help you understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to create more effective videos in the future.

Industry-Specific Video Marketing Tips

Different industries may benefit from specific video marketing approaches. For instance, a fashion brand might focus on short, visually stunning videos showcasing their latest collection, while a software company might create longer, detailed explainer videos. Understanding the nuances of your industry can help you tailor your video content to better meet the needs of your target audience.


Get Your Video Marketing Campaign in Motion With The Three Marketers

Knowing the right length for your marketing videos, as simple as it sounds, actually requires a quite strategic approach. By aligning your video’s length with its purpose, you’ll get the most out of it.

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